Streamflo 25ltr Trolley Systems Kit

The Streamflo® 25ltr Trolley Soft Water Cleaning Kit

Some windows can be hard to reach due to tight alleyways or rear windows where vans and large systems cannot reach. Streamline® has the solution.

The Streamflo® 25ltr Trolley System, provides portable pure water on demand for soft water cleaning. Simply fill the container with tap water and it’s ready to work, producing 0ppm pure water (version with resin filter only). To discover whether this window cleaning solution is right for your area, try our TDS calculator.

This is a commercial trolley which is built for the most demanding tasks, ideal for: professional window cleaners, contract cleaners, shopping centres, hotels, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, public houses, clubs etc.




Included in the Streamflo® Soft Water Cleaning Kit

  • Streamflo® 25 portable trolley system – 25 ltr
  • 6mm Streamline® Microbore hose complete with Q21FH-6 and AHA.H6
  • Streamline OVA8® Hi-MOD 40T carbon fibre waterfed pole – 6.7 mtr/22ft
  • Streamline® Nozzle Jet Kit , pair each of NJ3’s and FJ2’s




infographic of softwaer cleaning system
Streamflo 25 technical stats information graphic
The Streamflo® 25ltr Trolley System Kit
  • 25ltr Container (Approx. Use – 25ltrs Of Water Per House).
  • Powerful 100psi Diaphragm Pump.
  • Compact design, with collapsible handles for storing in confined spaces.
  • Lightweight frame with handle mounted on the front plate for easy
    lifting and handling
  • Low profile flat-free tires, for rough terrain
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with battery charger 12hr run time
  • Streamline® Flow controller to maximise flow and save wasting water
  • Filter Cartridge System Allows For Fast And Easy Filter Changes.
  • TDS Hand-Held Meter For Accurate Water Quality Checks (DI Version Only).
  • Stainless Outlet Connector With Stop Valve To Save Water When Disconnected.
  • Resin Capacity To Filter Up To 2,000ltrs Of Water (At A Starting TDS Of 100ppm)
Streamflo® 25 with OVA8® streamline high reach cleaning
Streamline® OVA8® External window cleaning
Streamflo 25 in action walking with trolley streamline hi viz
Streamflo 25 front panel close up hi viz hose streamline
Streamflo 25 front panel close up hi viz hose streamline

What Are The Benefits Of OVA8®?


Quick Release System

The OVA8® quick release system allows you to remove and attach the brush with ease, either vertically or horizontally to suit the application

Zero Spin

The innovative flat sided design ensures the pole spin and worn pole sections are a thing of the past

Superior Clamps

Pole section clamps ensure the pole stays where you want them no matter the height

100% Carbon Fibre

Super lightweight carbon fibre poles

What’s the best pole size for my job?

Our OVA8® poles come in many sizes from 8ft all the way to 60ft.
What is the best size for you? Take a look at our chart to find what pole is suitable for each storey
of a building.

Streamflo® 25ltr Trolley System Kit - Maintenance

In this video find out how to use and maintain your Streamflo® 25ltr trolley System Kit.

Streamflo® 25ltr Trolley System Kit - Key Features

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Streamflo® 25ltr Trolley System Kit - In Action

Learn more about what the Streamflo® 25ltr Trolley System Kit can do for you.

Streamflo® 25ltr Trolley System Kit - Instruction Manual

Download your copy of the Streamflo® 25ltr Trolley System Kit instructions to help set up your system and pole and keep it running as efficiently as possible while cleaning.

Streamflo® 25ltr Trolley System Kit - Specifications Sheet

Download your copy of the Streamflo® 25ltr Trolley System Kit specification sheet to see the features and benefits of your kit.

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