External Cleaning Solutions – Soft Water Categories

It’s a fact that window cleaning prevent glass degradation. Dirt particles will enter the glass’ rivets, which then can contaminate and corrode the windows. Regular cleaning will ensure the windows continue to look and perform perfectly, helping to prevent small problems which could turn into bigger issues. Dirty windows can also affect natural lights to our home, and in soft water areas where water is low in minerals, the water can attract other contaminants, affecting residents’ mood and health.

In addition to preventing glass degradation, regular window cleaning can also improve your home’s energy efficiency. Dirty windows can block out natural light, and by cleaning your windows regularly, you can let in more natural light and reduce your energy bills.

Another benefit of window cleaning is that it can improve your mood and health. Natural light has been shown to have a number of benefits, including reducing stress, and boosting mood. Dirty windows can block out this natural light, which can have a negative impact on your well-being.

However, if you live in an area with soft water, you may also be at risk of window degradation. Soft water is low in minerals, which means that it is more likely to attract contaminants. These contaminants can build up on windows and cause corrosion.

So, regular window cleaning is an important part of maintaining your home and building performance. It can also help to prevent glass degradation, improve your home’s energy efficiency, and boost your mood and health. Some of these windows can be hard to reach due to tight alleyways or rear windows where vans and large systems cannot reach. Streamline® has the solution. We would recommend either our 25ltr Streamflo® Portable Trolley or our Streamflo®120 Portable Barrow System – 120ltr.

Conservatories Window Cleaning Kits External Window Cleaning - Soft or Hard Water
The Streamflo® 25ltr Trolley System
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The Streamflo® 25ltr Trolley System, provides portable pure water on demand. Simply fill the container with tap water and it's ready to work, producing 0ppm pure water (version with resin filter only). This commercial trolley is built for the most demanding tasks, ideal for: professional window cleaners or contract cleaners.
External Cleaning Solutions - Soft Water Categories
The Streamflo® 120ltr Barrow System
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The 120ltr barrow is perfect for on-site cleaning of windows, gutters, fascias and cladding in and around institutions such as schools, colleges, shopping centres, business parks etc. The purpose built 120ltr low profile water tank is mounted on a two-wheel trolley with large flat-free tyres offering excellent stability, even when full.