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Dragonfly® CCTV Cleaning Kit




The key features of this package:


    • The kit comprises of a carbon fibre telescopic pole, backpack water reservoir and rechargeable battery and pump kit.


    • Two different microfibre pads allow flexibility when cleaning different types of CCTV cameras.


    • Guaranteed to increase safety and efficiency of the operator when cleaning CCTV cameras, especially when situated in awkward locations.


    • Streamline® OVA8® Pole included, which gives the operator a lightweight, zero pole spin.




The Dragonfly® CCTV Cleaning Kit comprises of a small pump with rechargeable battery that has an operating duration of 8 hours when fully charged. The water reservoir, when filled with pure water inside the backpack, will pump the pure water up a telescopic pole to a nozzle alongside a microfiber cup (for dome cameras) and a microfiber pad (for bullet cameras). The nozzle provides a fine mist for the microfiber pad to cut through dirt such as road traffic film, spider webs, general dirt and grime, etc. which allows you to clean cameras at height safely, efficiently and quickly.

Using the control fob supplied you are able to control the amount of pure water applied without the need to collapse the pole to moisten the microfiber pads. The high tech bespoke microfiber pads are gentle on the lenses and are machine washable, minimising running costs. The backpack is lightweight and comfortable to wear, while the pole is made from carbon fibre, which enables the operator to move around large sites freely to clean multiple cameras with minimal interruption or effort. This also means the kit is easy to transport and store due to a collapsed length of up to 1900mm, reaching up to just under 12m in height.

What’s included in the package


A Step-By-Step Process Of How The Product Works Can Be Found In The User Manuals Below,

CCTV Dragonfly® Kit Specification Sheet

CCTV Dragonfly® Kit Specification Sheet

CCTV Dragonfly® Kit Instructions Manual

CCTV Dragonfly® Kit Instructions Manual


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