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Window Cleaning Insurance

Getting the right cover for your Business and Van Insurance.

  1. Cover your van or car with the right commercial vehicle Insurance. A domestic cover is unlikely to give you the correct level of protection.
  2. Look for a commercial vehicle insurer that understands your specific needs and can provide support to keep your business on the road.
  3. Reduced use of ladders and harnesses generally lowers your insurance risk but you still have a responsible to protect the public against the potential for slips, trips and property damage.
  4. Be specific about what you do. Most activities can be added to your insurance cover and it’s important to have the right insurance for all jobs undertaken.
  5. If you have employees, make sure you have employers liability cover. It’s a legal requirement and can really help out in times of need.

Insuring your Window Cleaning Business

The introduction of pole technology has been a boon for window cleaners in many ways. One such way is making it easier for you to insure your business. Previously, when working from height – either up a ladder or in a cradle – you presented a higher risk which in turn reduced your provider options and inflated your insurance overheads.

Now that you’re able to work from ground level your risk may be reduced. That’s not to say insurance is no longer required.

Insuring your Van for your Window Cleaning Business

Bike mounted ladders are few and far between nowadays. Transporting litres of pure water and travelling across towns and cities to get from job to job – that’s more likely and that’s why your van is your business’s lifeline. If you rely on such a vehicle for the day-to-day running of your business, having it stolen or put out of action is likely to be a major concern. Insurance isn’t just a legal requirement; it’s a safety net for your livelihood.

You still need to protect your business and you still have a responsibility to your customers and to members of the public to take the necessary precautions.

Commercial vehicle insurance covers all the standard risks, like accidents, malicious damage, fire and theft. Then you can add on anything else you need – like cover for your water tanks.

  • Poles used from the ground reduce your risk but are replaced by new considerations such as passers-by tripping over your hoses. Clear warning signs are essential and public liability cover comes into play here to protect you should claims be made against you.
  • Whilst the windows you’re being paid to clean are likely to be excluded from your insurance cover (commonly known as the “Item being worked on” policy exclusion), breaks to neighbouring windows or other property are usually covered if you are found negligent. Breaking a large window is likely to be an expensive fix and insurance cover can help with the cost.
  • Many window cleaning policies can also cover jobs that include gutter and fascia cleaning too. In fact, lots of types of external building cleaning can be covered, just let your insurance broker know what is it that you’re doing.
  • Employers’ liability insurance is required by law if you have employees helping you complete your rota. This can also be added into most insurance packages.

If you are in any doubt over what cover your business does and doesn’t need, the Jelf Small Business Team are on hand to help. Give us a call on 01905 886 117, and we’ll help you see clearly.

Adding water tanks to your van makes your type of vehicle quite unique, but you just need to mention them to your insurer and they can be added. And if you’re concerned about this detail inflating your premium there are things you can do to bring your costs down – like only adding the absolutely necessary drivers to the cover and then only adding those with a good driving history.

If your vehicle is put out of action, courtesy vans are a definite plus. But courtesy vans with water tanks fitted are a rarity. At Jelf Small Business we are currently working with insurers to help source vans with water tanks fitted making it easier for you to get back to work.

Although Jelf Small Business can’t yet guarantee courtesy vans with water tanks can provided by Insurers, they may be available to hire from Streamline® and, if the accident isn’t your fault, this cost can usually be recovered from the other drivers insurance.

If you are in any doubt over what cover your business does and doesn’t need, the Jelf Small Business Team are on hand to help. Give us a call on 01905 886 117, and we’ll help you see clearly.

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