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Complete Cleaning Kits (Solutions)

Affordable Complete Cleaning Kits

Window Cleaning

Much has changed in the world of window cleaning, and as clients rightfully begin to expect more from their cleaners, those cleaners have to rise to meet the challenge.

Streamline’s® world-renowned window cleaning equipment sets your company up to be successful in both the present and future, with environmentally conscious options that makes your cleaning, cleaner.

Roof, Render & Gutter Cleaning

The windows are just the start. Keeping roofs well maintained is essential for maintaining a house’s structural integrity, as well as keeping the value high and repair costs low.

Roof, Render & Gutter cleaning can also help to improve the energy efficiency of your home as a clean roof can reflect more sunlight, whereas clean gutters can help to prevent ice dams, which can block gutters and downspouts.

Streamline® provides all the equipment you need to keep roofs, gutters and walls clean and maintained, with solutions packages to suit most budgets and any space restrictions.

Transport Cleaning

Planes, trains and automobiles are magnet for dirt and grime, travelling headfirst into the elements day after day. These vehicles need to be kept clean on a regular basis to maintain the brand image, to keep the mechanisms free from harmful material, and to not obscure the driver’s vision.

Quality, quantity and portability are all important when it comes to transport cleaning, and Streamline® has an extensive range of tanks and trolleys to leave your vehicles looking the quality that drivers and passengers deserve.

External Floor Cleaning

The safety of staff and the public should always take priority, and that safety starts from the ground up. Keeping pavement and stone maintained is essential not just for aesthetic, but also for reducing the risk of public injury.

Streamline’s® range of hot and cold pressure washers, surface cleaners and other accessories will mean that external floor cleaning will be fast, efficient and simple.

Specialist Cleaning

There are many areas of cleaning that appear at best impractical, and at worst impossible. Streamline® is here to change that.

From internal high-level vacuuming to CCTV cleaning, our solutions provide opportunities for cleaning you may not have even known existed, with an emphasis on ease-of-use, efficiency and speed.