The High Pressure Tripod


Pressure washing at height from the safety of the ground is made easy with the High-Pressure Tripod

The High-Pressure Tripod system allows you to pressure wash at height from the safety of the ground, improving the stability of the telescopic lance and increasing the accuracy of the clean. The tripod system eliminates the strain on the operator’s arms, legs and back, allowing less fatigue and a faster cleaning cycle.
With kit options including the HX4, HX5, HX6 and HX7 HIGHLINE™ Giraffe high pressure telescopic poles, the tripod system can reach up to 42ft (12mtr) effectively.


What are the tripod features?

  • 1 x Strong frame made from marine grade stainless steel, can be folded for ease of storage when not in use.
  • 3 x Heavy duty locking castor wheels allows a single operator manoeuvre whilst cleaning at height.
  • 1 x Heavy duty castor wheel in the centre of the stainless frame, to assist in moving the tripod when folded for storage.
  • 1 x Bespoke built clamp for supporting telescopic pole whilst extended at height, allowing the operator to position at different angles whilst cleaning.
  • 1 x High-pressure handle/lever for the operator to adjust or shut off water pressure.
  • Storage hooks for holding the high-pressure hose, keeping hose free from the operator.


What’s included with the high-pressure tripod cleaning system?


Heavy Duty Wooden Storage Box

Heavy Duty Wooden Storage Box

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