Window Cleaning Vans For Sale

Window Cleaning Vans For Sale in the UK

Discover our ever-changing stock of window cleaning vans for sale in the UK, which is updated daily. Reach out to us to explore our current stock or enquire about upcoming arrivals. Our commitment to customisation means we can outfit any window cleaning van to precisely match your requirements.

For professional window cleaners, your van is your indispensable tool, enabling you to effortlessly access your clients’ windows and deliver top-notch service. It is also your vehicle to create eye-catching marketing to attract new customers. Streamline® recognises the challenges of finding the perfect window cleaning van setup for your business, that’s why we’ve curated a selection of vans explicitly designed for window cleaning, offering both standard and non-standard configurations.

In your quest for safety-conscious window cleaning vans, Streamline® stands out as the specialist installer and manufacturer of window cleaning equipment. Our foremost priority is safety, and our offerings reflect this commitment. Our vans are not just any ordinary vehicles; they have undergone rigorous crash testing to ensure unparalleled safety when equipped with window cleaning gear.

Our range encompasses various models and your new window cleaning van will be equipped to tackle high-reach windows with pure water systems built-in. Our trained team can tailor every design to your unique needs.

Why Streamline®?

Specialist window cleaning vehicles in stock for all external cleaning applications
  • Your window cleaning van from Streamline® comes with on-the-road technical support across the UK, as well as a dedicated helpline, ensuring minimal down time for your business.
  • In-house CAD & CNC machine expertise to manufacture bespoke systems for your requirements.
  • Buy: Streamline® have been working with Focus Finance for many years, assuring we can get the best rates when financing your van and systems.
  • Hire: Why not hire your window cleaning van? Whether you are looking for a short term solution or longer, we have a selection of vans available for hire at favourable rates. See here.
  • All our systems are backed by a 12 month warranty as well as spare parts to solve every issue.
Crash Tested For Your Safety

Watch the Streamline® Smartank 650 being crash tested at the test centre of Horiba Mira, an independent automotive engineering consultancy.

The vehicle is fitted with a Streamline® Smartank 650 system, which has been filled with water to its maximum capacity. The vehicle is towed on a rail system at a speed of 30 miles per hour, into a solid concrete block, assimilating a head on collision.

The anchoring system of the tank, remains intact, thus protecting the driver from the load which is being carried.

Bespoke Window Cleaning Vans

Welcome to our world of van-mounted cleaning systems designed for professional window cleaners. We know that having spotless and streak-free windows is crucial for maintaining any building’s look and cleanliness so our van-mounted systems are made to make your window cleaning business more efficient and professional.

With our advanced equipment, you can easily reach and clean windows on multiple levels without needing ladders or scaffolding. These systems provide a continuous supply of purified water, so you don’t need chemical detergents, and your customers windows will be crystal clear. You can choose between upright and flat tanks depending on how you want to set up your van.


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