Streamline® Smartank 650 crash test


Watch the Streamline® Smartank 650 being crash tested at the test centre of Horiba Mira, who are an independent automotive engineering consultancy.

The vehicle is fitted with a Streamline® Smartank 650 system, which has been filled with water to its maximum capacity. The vehicle is towed on a rail system at a speed of 30 miles per hour, into a solid concrete block, assimilating a head on collision.

The vehicle reaches its maximum speed within two seconds and is guided into its obstacle. On impact, we see the effects of the water tank rupturing and spilling the contents, mostly, out the back of the vehicle. The majority of the kinetic energy is dissipated due to the rupturing of the tank, and, as a result of this, the tank remains securely held within the load area of the vehicle.

The anchoring system of the tank, remains intact, thus protecting the driver from the load which is being carried. The driver of the vehicle will have sustained no injuries directly relating to the Streamline® Smartank 650 system being fitted in the vehicle.