External Cleaning Category – Hard Water


It’s a fact that window cleaning prevent glass degradation. Dirt particles will enter the glass’ rivets, which then can contaminate and corrode the windows. Regular cleaning will ensure the windows continue to look and perform perfectly, helping to prevent small problems which could turn into bigger issues. Dirty windows can also affect natural lights to our home, and in soft water areas where water is low in minerals, the water can attract other contaminants, affecting residents’ mood and health.

If hard water is left untreated, or if you use it to clean your windows, it can cause limescale, containing calcium and magnesium, to build up on your windows or frames. It’s crucial to remove any stubborn spots on the windows which may affect the appearance of your home.


The difference in the cost of production for RO filtration

As an example we have used 400pm to show you the difference in cost between DI Filtration and RO Filtration

DI Filtration =£0.06p per Ltr

RO Filtration = £0.002p per Ltr

If you are looking to clean windows in hard water areas we would recommend using RO filtration. This is a water process where you demineralize or deionize water which filters out any molecules or large particles, such as salt, chlorine and any other contaminants.

External Window Cleaning - Soft or Hard Water Conservatories Window Cleaning Kits
The Mobi® Midget RODI Trolley System
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The Mobi® Midget RODI Trolley System Kit is a three-stage filtration system that incorporates three distinct purification technologies: a carbon block pre-filter, a reverse osmosis membrane, and a polishing DI filter. The result of the three filtration procedures is clean water with a purity level of 000ppm.
Conservatories Cleaning Category - Hard Water
Mobi® Maxi Portable RODI Trolley System
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The Stainless steel Mobi® Maxi Portable Filtration Systems is the perfect portable system for window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, boat cleaning and many other hard surface exterior cleaning applications. The Mobi® Maxi filtration system will produce enough water and pressure for 2x operators to clean up to 25mtr (80ft), simultaneously.
External Cleaning Category - Hard Water
Smartank® 650ltr Vehicle System.
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The Smartank® can be fixed into vehicles utilising a metal flange, as opposed to traditional systems which use whole metal frames. With the equipment cabinet mounted at the front of the tank, at the opening, operating has never been easier..