Smartank® Van System Kit

A window cleaning van is about you taking window cleaning seriously and taking your business seriously. It allows for total freedom and control when it comes to jobs, with the only limitations being the number of hours in a day. It’s about not compromising when it comes to work, meaning the family vehicle is for family time again, and your house and garage is no longer clogged up with window cleaning equipment. This vehicle is kitted out with a Streamline® Smartank® System which shows a clean, professional, reputable image and appearance.
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Streamline Smartank® Van System Kit





The Streamline® Smartank® 650 Reverse Osmosis System, Dual Operator which includes DI filtration, capable of consistently producing thousands of litres of pure water, with ease of maintenance. The Smartank® is baffled to restrict water movement in transit. With a height of less than 400mm this crash tested system is a safe, low centre of gravity van system, taking up minimal van space.


See below for a full list of all items included in this package.






Streamline Smartank® Van System Kit
2022 (72 Reg) 2.0 HDi 1400 145ps WHITE Professional Standard Panel Van, MWB EU6 6dr
Smartank® Van System Kit
Specifications Of The Vehicle
  • Colour: White
  • 500 Miles
  • Power: 145 PS
  • 2.0L Diesel
  • 6 Speed Manual
  • Seats: 3
  • Twin Side Loading Doors
  • 18″ Load-Rated Alloy Wheels
Smartank® Van System Kit
Key Features Of The Vehicle
  • Streamline® Smartank® 650ltr RODI Tank
  • Secondary Floor Over The Smartank® For Additional Storage
  • Split Charge Pro Relay System for Euro 5/6 Vehicles Including 100ah Battery, Enclosure, Relay and Cabling
  • Streamline® IPR5 Internal Pole Racks
  • Stainless 4-hole Bumper Port Bracket c/w Stainless Fittings
  • Black Linex Polyurethane Waterproof Floor Coating
  • 1x Electric Powered Hose Reel
Smartank® Van System Kit
Additional Accessories Included
  • 1x Wheeled Stainless Steel Hosereel with 100mtr of 6mm HIVIZ hose
  • Tie Down Bar for Vehicle Storage Restraint
  • Waterproof Poly Lining Kit for Van
  • 1x LED 12v Light mounted inside the vehicle
  • Load Restraint Kit to suit Smartank® or Similar Floor
  • 22ft & 45ft Streamline® OVA8® Carbon Fibre Poles
  • Vehicle Racking System
Streamline Smartank® Van System Kit
Smartank® Van System Kit


The Smartank® can be fixed into vehicles utilising a metal flange, as opposed to traditional systems which use whole metal frames. With the equipment cabinet mounted at the front of the tank, at the opening, operating has never been easier.. and with pumps, controllers and filters easily accessible, via the opening of the cabinet, maintenance and filter changes are simple and quickly achieved.


The keys of the Smartank® are,


  • The Smartank® system offers low centre of gravity and a safe means of transport
  • The flat tank design with a false floor maximises van load area usage
  • Pumps run on 12v power, making them safe, quiet running and low cost to maintain
  • Flow controllers reduce water usage to a bare minimum
  • The Streamline® Smartank® system presents a professional image to your clients
  • Waterfed poles with brush head options eliminates the need for steps / ladders. Utilising a waterfed systems can reduce cleaning time by more than half, increasing efficiencies



Streamline Smartank® Van System Kit
Streamline Smartank® Van System Kit
Streamline Smartank® Van System Kit
Streamline Smartank® Van System Kit
Electric / Freestanding Hose Reel

Being fitted with an Electric Powered Hose Reel with 100mtr of 8mm HIVIS Streamline® Hose. This Powerdrive™ electric hose reel winds in 100m of hose in around 45 seconds, effortless and strainless! This gives you a soft start, with a speed control connected to our roller guide to stop the hose from running over the side discs. The motor for this electric hose reel has a high powered, high torque 12v DC motor, this can be connected to the battery of your existing system. A snag detection with a stall cut-out system helps prolongs the usage of the hose reel by protecting the hose as well as the motor, saving you time and cost. Fitted with 100mtr of 8mm Streamline® Hiviz hose, this gives you a completed hose reel kit meaning it’s ready to go straight into the back of your van and is ready for work.

As well as an option for a Stainless steel wheeled Hose reel

Streamline® Stainless Steel Hose Reel – no more flaking paint and rusting metal, thanks to the stainless steel legs.

The features of this hose reel are,

  • 12mm brass output elbow with separate 6mm and 8mm stepped hosetail included
  • Strengthened rewind handle and metal clamp plates help to extend the life of the reel
  • Reels come flat-packed, full set of colour assembly instructions included
  • Up to 100mtr of 8mm or, 60mtr of 12mm hose
  • Max Pressure 10bar
  • Inlet Male Hoselock Adapter
  • Quality Stainless Steel Frame
  • Solid Wheels

Dimensions: 50cm (w) x 45cm (d) x 70cm (h)

Streamline Smartank® Van System Kit
Interior of your Vehicle


Poly van lining is widely used in van installations due to its durability and ease of cleaning and damp proof protection in a wet environment. The strength of poly kits is also exceptional when compared to plywood and is available in a wide range of sizes. Superb side-panel protection and price competitive initial cost increases the lifespan and resale value of the vehicle.


The vehicle is also fitted with a LED 12v Light mounted for inside the vehicle to provide a professional image as well as being fitted out with Internal Pole Racks. These side mounted Internal Pole Rack with Stainless Rollers, fully adjustable to fit the width of most vans and includes a roller system which reduces the wear on equipment when being stored and retrieved form the storage racks. The Streamline® IRP6 pole racks are the professionals choice for storing window cleaning poles, ladders and other long length equipment. Please note that this pole rack is sold individually. Two pole racks are usually required.

Smartank® Van System Kit - Maintenance

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Smartank® Van System Kit - Key Features

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Smartank® Van System Kit - In Action

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Smartank® Van System Kit - Instruction Manual

Download your copy of the Smartank® Van System Kit instruction Manual to help set up your system and pole and keep it running as efficiently as possible while cleaning.

Smartank® Van System Kit - Specifications Sheet

Download your own Smartank® Van System Kit specification sheet to see the features and benefits of your kit.

Streamline Smartank® Van System Kit
Streamline Smartank® Van System Kit