Advanced Render Cleaning with Softwash Systems


Expert Exterior Render Cleansing Enhanced by Our Innovative Softwash Technology

Exterior render cleaning is now easier than ever with the Mobi® Dose trolley system and water fed extendable pole. Before embarking on any project, a comprehensive evaluation of the surfaces earmarked for cleansing should be meticulously undertaken to ensure the precise techniques employed will lead to optimal results. Ill-considered assessments, unseasoned operators, and substandard cleaning approaches can easily result in damage.

Advantages of Render Cleaning:

1. Elimination of unsightly green moss and algae from the render
2. Restoration of render to a pristine ‘as new’ state
3. Delicate elimination of pollutants, moss, and algae
4. Safeguarding your structure from corrosion or further impairment linked to moss proliferation
5. Mitigation of dampness, pre-empting potential issues
6. Enabling walls to respire while thwarting the growth of undesirable moss

Streamline’s innovative Mobi® Dose trolley system mixes AlgoClear solution with water to produce a cutting-edge system that enhances the exterior wall cleaning process.

algoclear pro 5 litre

This specialised solution mixer, can be seen on this page:

Guidelines for Cleansing Exterior Rendered Walls Using AlgoClear Solution

Depending on the structure and the brand of render in question, there are two primary approaches to soft wash render cleaning:

Water-Fed Pole Technique

Low-pressure soft washing systems, when combined with the AlgoClear solution mixer, dispenses a consistent mixture to the designated areas.

  1. Configure the dispensing apparatus with the appropriate quantity of render cleaning solution
  2. Attach the water-fed pole to the Mobi® Dose mixing trolley and any water tap supply
  3. Adjust the Mobi® Dose settings to mix the solution to the recommended dose
  4. Gradually apply the solution onto the rendered surface, commencing from the top and progressing downwards.
  5. Scrub the solution into the render
  6. Allow the render cleaning solution to sit for approximately fifteen minutes, followed by a thorough rinse with clean water – if suggested by the manufacturer

ALWAYS wear suitable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while conducting render cleaning activities, and protect surrounding areas of grass/plants. We STRONGLY ADVISE against the usage of pressure washers for render cleaning, and always follow the manufacturers recommended use.