The New Streamline® Smartank® Skid System


Pre-built and ready to be used, the new Smartank® design features a coated galvanised skid for the tank and offering you the option of either a 400ltr or 650ltr tank. One of the skid’s advantages is that it contains forklift holes, for allowing users to forklift the Smartank® into their vans making it a totally portable independent system. The Smartank® is delivered as a pre-assembled and plumbed kit that is ready to use, this allows the Smartank® skids to be put permanently or temporarily in a van, depending on the needs of the users. This Smartank® Skid offers safe, low centre of gravity van system while taking up minimal van space. By installing an optional secondary floor, the van load area can still be utilised for a multitude of purposes and the transport of other needed equipment.

Key features

  • Prebuilt and plumbed kit ready for installation and use
  • Can be permanently or temporarily installed into a van
  • Slots for easy fork-lifting into vehicles
  • Plenty of mounting holes and tie-down points
  • Single or double user
  • False floor available (with all the features) allowing users to stores other equipment on top of the tanks
  • Can mount hose reels on the floor

For more information and prices on the STREAMLINE® SMARTANK® Window Cleaning Skid System, please call +44 (0)1626 830830 or email [email protected]