Streamline®1205 Smartank® 400ltr Trailer

The 1205 400ltr Window Cleaning Trailer System

The 1205 window cleaning trailer system is extremely versatile and allows you to free up the load area in your van or even run your cleaning operation with a car. Options include simple delivery units only, de-ionising resin filter systems, or the full 5-stage reverse osmosis booster filter systems for use in hard water areas.

the 1205 window cleaning trailer in operation with dual operators
The 1205 Trailer System

Using the Smartank® flat tank systems, the baffled tank ensures the low centre of gravity maximises the stability during transportation. With the equipment cabinet mounted at the front of the tank, at the door opening, operation has never been easier, and with pumps, controllers and filters easily accessible, via the opening of the cabinet, maintenance and filter changes are simply and quickly achieved.

Operators can adjust the flow rates of the pumps by a digital flow controller, or by a wireless remote controller. This allows the operator to choose powerful flow rates to suit the cleaning job, saving and conserving water when less intense water flow is needed.

1205 Smartank® Trailer Specifications

  • Water Tank – Pure water Polyethylene tank capacity of 400ltr.
  • Operators – 1x or 2x opersators via 2x hose reels and 2x 12v 100psi pumps.
  • Pump – 6.9Bar, 100psi (12v) Shurflo™ Pumps – 3.8lpm (240lph) max speed.
  • Controllers – Digital flow controllers to measure water flow, pressure, and battery voltage. Option to operate by wireless remote controllers if required.
  • Hose Reels – 2x fixed removable hose reels, with 100mtr 8mm Streamline® hoses for optimum reach.
  • Filtration –  Full 5-stage purification system including pre-filtration (sediment, carbon, granular activated carbon), RO Membrane, and De-Ionising polishing resin. Dedicated 12v booster pump to provide efficient
    filtration output.
  • Battery – High capacity 12v 200amp gel battery, offers a full working day operation.
  • Charging –  Integrated intelligent Numax battery charger, with external charging point, allowing charging onsite
    if required.

dimensions of the 1205 window cleaning trailer system from Streamline

measurements of the 1205 400ltr window washing trailer

Trailer Features

  • Single axle, BrenderUp Aluminium composite sides for durability, longevity, strength & security.
  • All steel work galvanised or plated.
  • Phenolic 12mm resin coated ply floor.
  • Linex waterproof floor.
  • Protected rear light clusters.
  • ABS lid complete with gas struts.
  • 50mm pressed steel ball coupling.  (c/w secondary coupling)
  • Props stand on drawbar.
  • 175R13C Radial wheels & tyres.
image of the smartank 400

The Smartank® 400Ltr Pure Water System


Smartank® Delivery Bowser Unit with Full RODI filtration

This option will cover all areas of the UK and Europe in both hard and soft water areas.

hose assembly on the 1205 trailer
1205 trailer attached to a van
high reach window cleaning with the 1205 trailer system
professional window cleaning trailer
hose assembly on the 1205 trailer
1205 trailer attached to a van
high reach window cleaning with the 1205 trailer system
professional window cleaning trailer
Smartank® Instruction Manual

Learn how to set up, use and maintain your Smartank® system to keep it running as proficiently as possible.

1205 Trailer System - Specification Sheet

Looking for more detailed information on the 1205 trailer? Download out specification sheet

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Available Now

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