Skylight Cleaning Category – Hard Water



Cleaning windows can boost morale and can improve the appearance of your home. Skylights are among the most popular types of windows installed in homes and businesses today, with the ability allow incredible amounts of sunlight in a small square area. However, these windows can also be the most difficult to clean, being deliberately hard to reach and hard to even identify from the ground.

If hard water is left untreated, or if you use it to clean your windows, it can cause limescale, containing calcium and magnesium, to build up on your windows or frames. It’s crucial to remove any stubborn spots on the windows which may affect the appearance of your home.

We would recommend either our Mobi® Midget RODI Trolley System or our Mobi® Maxi Portable RODI Trolley System.

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The Mobi® Midget RODI Trolley System Kit
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The Mobi® Midget RODI Trolley System Kit is a three-stage filtration system that incorporates three distinct purification technologies: a carbon block pre-filter, a reverse osmosis membrane, and a polishing DI filter. The result of the three filtration procedures is clean water with a purity level of 000ppm. This excellent stainless-steel mobile trolley system can filter tap water on-demand while on-site.
Conservatories Cleaning Category - Hard Water
Mobi® Maxi Portable RODI Trolley System Kit
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The Stainless steel Mobi® Maxi Portable Filtration Systems is the perfect portable system for window cleaning, solar panel cleaning, boat cleaning and many other hard surface exterior cleaning applications. Providing that there is access to both water and mains power supply (230V), the Mobi® Maxi filtration system will produce enough water and pressure for 2x operators to clean up to 25mtr (80ft), simultaneously.