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ECOLINE™ Grey Glass Fibre Telescopic Pole

The ECOLINE™ range offer best value for money, whilst providing a professional pole for the domestic and contract window cleaner alike.

The ECOLINE™ range of poles is offered with economy in mind. Long established in the industry as an ergonomic, simple to use window cleaning tool, the poles have the same weight and stiffness characteristics as the NTECH™ range. All ECOLINE™ poles have the following features and benefits:

Poles are constructed of high quality composite material and finished with an acrylic resin for economy
Poles have a standard plastic base cap fitted
Poles have a nylon collar bonded onto the top section to connect to the brush.
Poles are supplied with a standard angle crank, and an extension is available as an option to provide extra reach
Poles are supplied with our own design LITE-5® yellow, highly visible, ultra flexible pole tubing, providing suppleness and flex even in colder conditions
Available in Glass Fibre composites from 4ft – 40ft maximum height.

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