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HIGHLINE™ Pressure Washing Equipment

Pressure Washing at Height has a key part in all external cleaning regimes and in this current economic climate, with everyone vying for business and trying to draw custom in to their shops, outward appearances is everything. They say, ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’.

Reliable pressure washers are a must and few would argue that the petrol driven Honda pressure washers certainly tick this box. Pressure washing is an ideal add-on to any contract window cleaning operation and as specialists in van installations, and to meet the needs of the window cleaning/pressure washing market we have designed a system to utilise reject water from the reverse osmosis window cleaning systems which traditionally waste up to 50% of the window cleaner’s water. This is then utilized for pressure washing instead, as water purity is of no consequence in this application.

Such systems are the way forward and help to maximise water usage and reduce water wastage, a big plus point as a sustainability issue. The contract cleaner could actually use this as part of his marketing too, especially when approaching blue chip companies, as sustainability issues are at the front of peoples’ minds these days.