Streamline’s Hot Water Pressure Washing Van: The Graffiti Buster!


At Streamline, we’re constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to improve our pressure washing services, including graffiti cleaning. Recently, we decided to put our new pressure washing van to the test on a graffiti-covered wall, and the results were both effective and informative.


Graffiti can be a real eyesore, and removing it effectively is no small task. Traditional or domestic pressure washing methods can be challenging, especially when dealing with stubborn paint. That’s why we decided to try something else: using hot water in combination with paint stripping chemicals.


Our team arrived at a local graffiti-covered building that had become a canvas for numerous artists over the years. The first step was to apply a specialized paint stripping chemical onto selected areas of the graffiti-covered surface. These chemicals are designed to soften the paint, making it more susceptible to removal.


Once the paint stripping chemicals had enough time to work their magic, we fired up our state-of-the-art pressure washing van, which boasts a powerful hot water system. The test was first to use cold pressure washing, on both a treated and untreated area of graffiti, then repeat the experiment with hot water.


The combination of hot water and paint stripping chemicals proved to be a game-changer in graffiti removal. Here’s what we observed:

Cold water without chemicals was the least effective method. Dark paint in particular proved to be a challenge, though it did start to clear with prolonged pressure. Whilst cold pressure washing is more than suitable for a number of cleaning applications, the time it took to remove the paint means that Streamline wouldn’t recommend cold water pressure washing for graffiti removal.


Cold water with chemicals was more effective, but what stood out by far was the hot pressure washing, accompanied with chemicals. The paint removal was fast and effective, and we’re certain that use all day would lead to numerous graffiti removal jobs completed in a single day.


The hot water effectively broke down the softened paint, making it significantly easier to wash away. This saved us time and effort, and it also minimized any damage to the underlying surface. When using cold water or traditional pressure washing methods, there’s often residue left behind, even after paint removal. With hot water, we noticed much less residue, resulting in a cleaner finish.


Our experiment with the new pressure washing van equipped with a hot water system and paint stripping chemicals was a resounding success. Graffiti removal has never been easier, faster, or more effective. Our team was impressed with the efficiency of this approach and the minimal impact on the surrounding environment.


If graffiti cleaning or any other cleaning needs are part of your cleaning services, don’t hesitate to reach out to Streamline. We help make surfaces shine like new, and our hot water pressure washing van is just one example of our commitment to delivering top-notch services.