Team Player Wins: R&D Lead Receives Young Engineer Award


Here at Streamline, our brilliant team players often end up recognised for their hard work not just by ourselves, but by outside bodies. This was the case for our Product Development Lead, Rob O’Neill, who recently travelled to Edinburgh to be presented with the Geoff Kirk Young Member Award at the Institute of Designing Engineers. 


The Institution of Engineering Designers is a British professional engineering institution founded in 1945. The IED is the UK’s only professional body representing those working in the fields of Engineering and Technological Product Design. And Rob was chosen among numerous other talented young designers to be officially accredited for his incredible work. 

Rob Reflects on His Award

Rob told us in a rare free moment, “They were very impressed with my career so far to date. From my journey starting at Portsmouth University, to my internship at Gillette, which got me my hire recommendation from them. They were also interested in my career after uni, so in my time at AmSafe Bridport and then going on to do some eco work at Hunter Stoves. 

“And then, obviously coming here, building my way up from team leader and then manager. It’s been a big learning curve and I’ve taken on a lot more responsibilities and had to do a lot more things than I would have done in my previous roles. 


“I think I’m already looking back at the products that I was designing when I got here, and I’m already ahead of where I was when I joined. I love it here, and I’m looking forward to bringing more of that knowledge to new products going forward.” 


Streamline aims to be the very best in every department when it comes to supplying your cleaning equipment. And with team players like Rob achieving individual successes and recognition, we’d say we’re well on our way.