Behind the scenes at Streamline® – We talk to our Graphic Designer


Brandon Dickons is a talented Graphic Designer who has been a valued member of the Streamline® team for the past three years. He has a strong focus on improving the company’s marketing efforts and has an exceptional ability to create visually appealing materials using graphics and photos. His positive attitude and dedication to the company have made him an invaluable person at Streamline®.

Here is a little insight into some of the tasks he has been working on, Brandon Dickons quotes, “As a graphic designer one of the best feelings is seeing your artwork out there in the wild, my very first task at Streamline® was to create little email footers, it was exciting to see it on everyone’s emails as I was walking around the office, but I knew I could do more. Over the years my confidence grew and I created both 2021 & 2022 Product catalogues, Smartank® graphics and eventually all the products graphics form the little water inlets to the big front facing artwork, I’ve worked on stand designs for Interclean Amsterdam and the Facilities show in London, all the instruction manuals for products. So before you chuck it away… think of me!

But the biggest of them all was the company logo. It took 100s of designs and endless meetings to get that little shape you all see today, now it’s on a massive sign above our warehouse here in Devon, around Europe and probably in your van too, whenever I see that on a shirt or on a OVA8® pole, it always puts a little smile on my face.

Streamline® has backed me on the whole journey and given me the chance to do all of this and there’s so much more to come! It’s been an awesome ride so far and I’ve met some amazing people at work and at shows, I’m excited to push the graphics even further in the coming months”.