Traditional vs Waterfed Pole Window Cleaning


In the current window cleaning market the operators now have a option of using traditional window cleaning equipment, such as, squeegees and T-bars as well as a waterfed pole system, which uses purified water at high intensity to clean at height.

In the past traditional window cleaning has been used by using a bucket of soapy water and a T-bar but with using water for a tap, the water is then contaminated with chemicals etc which the operator is then applying to the windows. Many window cleaners use the traditional window cleaning way to clean internal windows which is easier to reach as the user don’t require the use of ladders which prevents a health and safety risk. The disadvantages of traditional window cleaning is that some cleaning products may leave a clear film on the glass that can’t be wiped away.


As the window cleaning market has progressed, the cleaning equipment has also improved and Waterfed pole cleaning has become more advanced. Window cleaners now have more pole options than before, with carbon fibre poles, improved trolley packages and completed van packages. Water fed pole window cleaning incorporates the use of telescopic poles with cleaning brushes attached to them that can easily reach high heights, i.e. option up to 60 feet! Purified water will then be pumped up these poles, enabling the window cleaner to scrub the surface and rinse away any debris and dirt.


Cleaning windows with pure water eliminates and removes any chemical or grime off windows, which will keep the windows cleaner for longer as the dirt has been removed  to stop the window from attracting dust or grime etc.

There is a big safety plus on waterfed pole cleaning as it removes the need of ladders so this way of cleaning is suitable for any weather condition as well as working from the safety of the ground. Waterfed poles are also a lightweight design and easier to transport, this makes it easier to windows with difficult access such as alleyways or types of homes that have little space around them.

This is why we recommend our fully carbon fibre pole, the Ova8© range. The benefits of this pole is that it has two flat sides which adds more stability and therefore more control for the operator, this is a huge “safety” plus. Any experienced operative will tell you how dangerous and annoying a spinning pole section is. The flat sides of the Ova8® pole cancel out that “whipping effect” either from moving a pole at height from one window to another, or ‘bouncing off the glass’ motions. Operators will be more productive and work safer – both for themselves and others around them.

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