Streamflo Mini 12.5ltr Trolley System


For when not even our standard portable systems are portable enough, the Streamflo Mini is here to take pure water, waterfed pole cleaning well and truly anywhere.


Streamflo Mini 12ltr Trolley System with Battery and Charger

The Streamflo Mini is a compact water delivery unit that makes smaller window cleaning tasks a whole lot easier. Complete with a powerful pump and rechargeable battery, the 12.5ltr water tank is removable, which allows the stainless-steel frame to fold down for easy transportation and storage. The Streamflo Mini can be coupled directly to a waterfed pole, which is the perfect answer for window cleaning in areas where trailing hoses are not possible. For example, courtyards, atriums, etc.

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Key Features

  • Durable and compact design
  • Stainless steel folding frame
  • 12.5ltr container
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Adjustable 9x speed controller
  • Powerful 100psi pump
  • Wheels for outdoor use
  • Extendable handle

Weights and Dimensions

Extended Dimensions

  • Height 908mm
  • Length 323mm
  • Width 243mm
  • Weight 6kg

Collapsed Dimensions

  • Height 551mm
  • Length 141mm
  • Width 243mm
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Streamflo® 12.5ltr Trolley System Kit - Maintenance

In this video find out how to use and maintain your Streamflo® 12.5ltr trolley System.

Streamflo® 12.5ltr Trolley System - Key Features

Learn more about the standout features of the Streamflo® 12.5ltr Trolley System.

Streamflo® 12.5ltr Trolley System - In Action

Learn more about what the Streamflo® 12.5ltr Trolley System can do for you.

Specification Sheets and Instruction Manuals

Streamflo® Mini 12Ltr Instructions

Streamflo® Mini 12Ltr Instructions

Streamflo® Mini 12Ltr Spec Sheet

Streamflo® Mini 12Ltr Spec Sheet


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