Behind the scenes at STREAMLINE®


This month we will be focusing on one of the Warehouse & UK dispatch team members, Marcus Williams. We believe that Marcus’s three most important skills when shipping our customers goods are speed, accuracy, and attention to detail. Marcus is always pushing for success on a daily basis, and he’s always searching for that Friday feeling of celebrating the team’s achievements with a cooked breakfast at the end of the week. Marcus has a great ability to work well in a team even if the sales team are pushing for orders to be sent out, he can work quickly with the best performance.

Marcus is someone who will always greet you in the morning with a smile, bringing excellent enthusiasm and is always willing to help whenever you are looking for a product or helping you with dispatching an order. He is someone that has great accuracy and is always looking to avoid the errors that could come around and cost the team – A great STREAMLINE® team player.

Marcus Williams quotes, “I joined Varitech Systems at the beginning of 2021 and was very quickly welcomed as part of the team. I enjoy my job because I like the variety of products that we sell and get a great satisfaction from seeing reviews left from happy customers”.