Behind the scenes at STREAMLINE® Alana



Alana Ogilvie

We have been focusing on one of the members from the Accounts department this month, Alana Ogilvie. Alana is approaching two and a half years at STREAMLINE®, and she is striving hard to develop the right processes for the company. Alana is constantly trying to find new ways to support herself on her accounting journey and is currently studying on a level 2 and level 3 AAT accounting course (Association of Accounting Technicians). Alana plays an important role in managing money, gathering payments, paying bills on time, etc. Whilst having a brilliant knowledge of the bookkeeping side, there is pretty much nothing Alana doesn’t know.

Having found that her biggest weapon is her persistence, Alana has learnt and gained her experience from small wins, whether it is receiving payments from smaller orders to larger orders, or she is having to adapt to work faster, harder, or more consistent, Alana knows that the big wins will undoubtedly come around soon. Alana is constantly willing to seek the solutions that will overcome her daily challenges and will always put in that 100% effort, and one of the many great players on the STREAMLINE® team.

Alana Ogilvie quotes, “I love being a part of the STREAMLINE® family, where we all share the same vision and are dedicated to the same goals. I love that I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job role and really enjoy the daily challenges that I face, working in accounts. Varitech really is a great place to work with a brilliant team”

Great work Alana Ogilvie!