Behind the scenes at STREAMLINE® – Team


Working at Streamline

Here at STREAMLINE®, we support our customers the best we can. With our customer base growing, the team at STREAMLINE® is also growing. We believe that our customer service is second to none, and we are proud to support our customers on a daily basis. Whether it’s time for an upgrade on a product, to courier issues, or even if it’s a technical problem, our customer service team will always be there to support our customers on their journey.

With only 5 months gone already, our newest customer support team member (Radostina Antonova) is off to a great start. Raddy is a valuable member of the STREAMLINE® team that helps with customer service and sales support. Whether she is assisting our clients with getting their orders out on time, ensuring that the couriers are doing their job and delivering customers’ items on the promised day, or simply guiding people in the right direction, Raddy is always willing to help and strives to solve the problem before it becomes a problem, and we feel her can-do attitude is the key to her success.

Radostina Antonova quotes – “I am happy to work at STREAMLINE® and be part of a professional team that I can learn from, to be treated with respect and given encouragement. Customer satisfaction and feedback are very important for me, and I work along with all departments to make sure we provide the best customer service”.

Congrats to Raddy, who has just won September team player of the month, and keep up the good work.