Here it is… our Streamline® Catalogue, ISSUE 17


Here it is… your personal copy of our Streamline® Catalogue, ISSUE 17.

Innovation, Creativity, Ingenuity – take a fresh look at our new products for 2017:

  • The SMARTANK® 1000                                   Page 29
  • Denver™ Trailer Systems                                  Page 43-45
  • Highline™ Hot Cube High Pressure Washer Page 46
  • Saddletank™                                                        Page 47
  • Heatwave™ Horizontal                                     Page 53
  • Streamflo® Softclean Kits                                Page 60-61
  • Streamvac™ 70l Commercial Kit                     Page 82-83
  • The Dragonfly® 4                                               Page 98-101
  • Streamline® Double Trim Brushes                Page 136
  • Streamline® Membranes                                 Page 183
  • Streamline® GTM Pole Harness                    Page 207
  • And many more…..

Our products and services are being constantly refined to ensure you receive the best equipment with the latest technology. Should you be unable to locate what you require, or know of a certain range that needs to be sourced, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist you.

Streamline® for unbeatable choice, service and value…..