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SMARTANK® Flat Tank Systems

The STREAMLINE® SMARTANK® system is a fully crash tested system, secured into a vehicle utilising a metal flange, as opposed to traditional systems using whole metal frames.

Baffled to restrict water movement in transit and with a height of less than 450mm these tanks offer safe, low centre of gravity van systems, while taking up minimal van space.  By installing an optional secondary floor, the van load area can still be utilised for a multitude of purposes and the transport of other needed equipment.

With the equipment cabinet mounted at the front of the tank, at the door opening, operation has never been easier… pumps, controllers and filters easily accessible, via the opening of the cabinet, maintenance and filter changes are simply and quickly achieved.

The SMARTANK® is available in three sizes, 400-Ltr , 650-Ltr and 1,000-Ltr options.

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