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The STREAMLINE® OVA8® carbon fiber telescopic poles are designed in an ‘oval’ profile section, reducing the wear of the sections from the pole clamps. The two flat sides also reduces fatigue in the operator as it allows for the easier grip of the pole while working.  A unique design that makes the STREAMLINE® OVA8® one of the leading water-fed poles on the market today. Available in various sizes and with a growing range of accessories, the STREAMLINE® OVA8® is a versatile tool for today’s professionals.


Why choose the STREAMLINE® OVA8® ?

  • Innovative 2 flat sides – The OVA8s 2 flat sides eliminates the pole spin you see in other poles.
  • Use for longer periods of time – Pole shape makes it easier for the operator to use for longer periods of time. Holding any item in the hand for long periods can be painful. The OVA8® design combines two flat sides. These sit more comfortably in an operator’s hand and allow the tips of their fingers to sit on the flat edge. It’s been found that handling an OVA8® pole requires less grip to control the pole, either from pushing it up and down or from firmly holding the base section to move the pole to the next window.
  • Good range of accessories – A growing range of professional accessories that extends the usability of the STREAMLINE® OVA8®.
  • Bolted clamps – Bolted clamps (Not Glued) for ease for maintenance & repairs.
  • Univalve installed options
  • Range of sizes – Large range of sizes to suit your business needs, including sizes that have a very compressed collapsed length for ease of storage and travel.


See the STREAMLINE® OVA8® in action with some of our customers

We have many customers that use the STREAMLINE® OVA8® every day to get the job done. Take a look at just a fraction of the social media posts from our existing customers.

Charlie Keeley
I brought the OVA8 pole and wanted to see what all the fuss was about, by far the best water-fed pole I have used. Great pole and very durable.
Chris 1968
Ordered the ova8 22ft pole for my business & hands down the best pole on the market by a mile !! Quality pole very happy and highly recommend to anyone looking to purchase a new pole

Shop the STREAMLINE® OVA8® poles and SAVE 5% until the end of November. Use the code ‘november5’ at check out.

The range of STREAMLINE® OVA8® poles comes in a variety of sizes to suit your business needs. Shop today to save 5% on the cost and just make sure you use the code ‘november5’ at the checkout!




A growing range of STREAMLINE® OVA8® accessories

The growing range of accessories for the STREAMLINE® OVA8® allows you to extend the use of your water-fed pole, with more accessories on the way!



Shop the STREAMLINE® OVA8® Extension Poles

If you are looking to extend the range of your STREAMLINE® OVA8® , make use of the range of extension poles!