Cleaning Above 5mtrs



Atriums are often used in retail outlets, restaurant, offices and prestigious commercial buildings to create a feature open space and striking entrances to attract business. Atriums maximize the quality of openness and light and come in many different sizes and in order to maintain atriums they must be kept in pristine conditions, and for them to be properly maintained, they require regular cleaning.

To keep canopies and atriums clean, requires a lot of time and effort, that’s why we would recommend, our Streamline® Dragonfly®4 Cleaning kit to clean over 5mtr.

The Streamline® Dragonfly®4 Kit is the simplest, safest and most efficient way to clean internal windows at height, reaching up to heights beyond 10mtr!



What are the benefits of the Dragonfly®4 Kit?

  • Environmentally friendly – no chemicals required
  • Rechargeable battery ensures the task can be completed without the worry of having to have spare batteries
  • Streamline® OVA8® telescopic poles – no modular pole sections lying around
  • Can be fitted to any of the pole sizes from the Streamline® OVA8® range reaching beyond 10mtr

The Streamline® Dragonfly®4 is the perfect answer where a ladder or other reach equipment is normally required. It allows you to clean windows at height with your feet on the ground. With a simple pump system and bottle filled with pure water or a light detergent glass cleaner in a backpack, and a microfibre pad on a swivel mop plate attached to a telescope, the Dragonfly® simplifies internal window cleaning forever.

Areas of use include car showrooms, stair wells and atrium in office blocks, schools, colleges, hotels, airports, shopping centres the opportunities are endless! Having time, saving money…

A Step-By-Step Process Of How The Product Works Can Be Found In The User Manuals Below,

Dragonfly® Kit Specification Sheet

Dragonfly® Kit Specification Sheet

Dragonfly® Kit Instruction Manual

Dragonfly® Kit Instruction Manual



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